Truth is protection enough

Dreary indifference descends around my camp with the settling dusk.
With determination to envelope me,
It has crept behind me all along my hopeful journey,
Kept at bay only by a burning passion and hope itself
As I trudge, meander, skip and even, sometimes, fly along my chosen trail,
I have gathered wood to fuel the passion,
As I have gathered wisdom to fuel the journey.
Healing, helpful hope comes to me of its own accord as a grace
My camp fires smoke away both the indifference and the dusk’s darkness,
But, still, as vulnerable prey, I feel the danger of the stalking indifference,
Intent on sucking me dry of emotion and hope.
Wisdom urges me on toward a safe refuge.
I am protected only by the ragged remains of passion,
But it is enough – for now.
As I set up my camp on this night ,
The last tattered remnants of burning passion turn to smoke,
Drifting away in the darkness that dusk has brought.
I feel the indifference closing in around me,
Cold and without emotion, but driven to invade.
Lacking strong and mighty passion to stand guard,
I burn my gathered wood to fuel something new.
Not a forceful hatred, for that would engulf me,
But a gentle truth I kindle,
One that will swirl around me uncomfortably
Until it shapes itself to fit within my soul.
Truth is protection enough.
Having finally arrived, the truth can never leave me.
It works with me and on me, guarding and guiding me,
Keeping persistent indifference safely distant.
Finally, I allow the truth to fit my soul.
I can live this truth without discomfort.
It is a worn shoe that has traveled with my footsteps.
Arriving where wisdom has guided me,
Clarity surrounds me with crystal light,
Faceted so that I might see from previously unseen angles.
I watch as gentle truth grows with each new perspective.
Clarity is the castle of my final refuge.
Indifference, no matter how insidious, cannot storm that castle.